Cultivating Your Mindset For Financial Success

by | Nov 2, 2023 | Real Estate Syndications

The ups and downs of personal financial management and investing can feel like a thrilling roller coaster ride. One moment, you’re elated by a pay raise, and the next, you’re deflated by a plummeting stock market. Did you stumble upon an excellent property deal? Fantastic! But then, unexpected fees drain your enthusiasm.

This ever-fluctuating dynamic might sound exhausting, but in the field of commercial real estate, the ride is comparatively more stable than the unpredictable stock market – though not without its highs and lows.

Indeed, every investment is a dance between risk in exchange for potential upside reward. While you absolutely should conduct thorough research, assess markets, and engage with seasoned operators, the future is never truly set in stone. Persisting through these challenges requires grit, resilience, determination, and at times, a tough exterior. Specifically to thrive…

Your mindset is responsible for 80% – 90% of your success

That might come as a surprise but think about it: only 10%-20% of your triumphs are attributed to your knowledge, strategies, skills, or techniques. The power of mindset is gaining traction these days. But the question remains: How can you nurture a mindset built on resilience and oriented towards growth for investment success?
This blog will delve into several mindfulness routines, the transformative impact of vision boards, and a few unconventional exercises, not to weird you out, but to share some powerful insights that have helped many successful people – real estate and beyond – to persevere and thrive in their financial journeys.

Make Your Dreams and Goals Tangible

I recently came across a captivating tale of a guy named Rod Khleif. He amassed a fortune, lost it, and astonishingly rebuilt it from scratch. His unwavering belief in the efficacy of a vision board (think pasting photos on a board) and how they were a part of his comeback was truly inspirational. Can you even fathom $50 million disappearing overnight?

From my own experience, vision boards can be powerful but I understand how the highly practical among us are skeptical (I was once there too!). Well, there’s actually some science backing up why vision boards work. See, the reticular activating system in our brain zeroes in on the goals you manifest tangibly. This recognition propels you subconsciously towards those very aspirations.

With your grandest desires on-paper, you’re constantly reminded of your ‘why’, nudging you to inch closer to them daily. Maybe the realization of these dreams is a few hard-earned decades away, or perhaps, with consistent massive efforts, they come to fruition within a few years. Nonetheless, gazing at your goals daily has an almost magical power.

Turn (Potential) Pain into Personal Growth

Strategic journaling can be a potent tool in goal-setting. Here, we aren’t merely penning down fleeting thoughts or emotions over morning brew. This is about laser-focused intention setting.

Here’s how you can do it:

Set a timer for 10 minutes and write down all your biggest aspirations and dreams without judging them. Write about the places you want to go, the things you want to have, and the special events you want to be part of. Don’t worry if it seems too crazy or out-of-reach right now.

Next, underline your most important goal and circle your top three objectives for the next year. On another sheet of paper, write each of these four items with plenty of space between them.

Set the timer again and spend the next 10 minutes writing a short paragraph about why you want to accomplish each objective. Explain why they’re so important to you…perhaps you want to create a new family trajectory, or show your kids a better life. Put your feelings into your writing using emotionally charged phrases to maximize your benefit from this exercise.

Set your timer for the final 10 minutes, then write about how you would feel if you didn’t achieve these goals. Would you let down the people you care about or feel like you’re not good enough? Think about the emotions you would feel if you failed.

People don’t make daily choices out of comfort; they do things to avoid a pain point. I would love to lounge all day but my workouts give me the best chance of avoiding the pain of chronic bad health. Customers buy items and participate in events to alleviate their problems. By using the fear of not reaching your goals as a way to motivate yourself, you’ll be more determined to overcome problems and make your goals happen. Give this exercise a try right now, it’s that powerful. These 30 minutes could change the path you’re on.

Embrace Gratitude

At the heart of every triumph lies the opportunity to embrace it with gratitude. Celebrate your journey, cherish lessons from your past, and be hopeful about the successes ahead.

Practicing gratitude can take various forms, such as meditation for 5-10 minutes daily, where you close your eyes and reflect on the many wonderful things in your life. Another effective way to express gratitude is through journaling.

Are you familiar with the concept of a gratitude vision board? It’s similar to a traditional vision board, but it’s dedicated to the things you already possess and deeply appreciate like your children, personal achievements or experiences you cherish. Each day, allow yourself to be emotionally immersed in gratitude when you gaze upon this board, expressing thanks for the people, places, and things that have enriched your life.

Practicing gratitude can be integrated into any part of your day, whether as part of your morning or evening routine, or even while you’re engaged in physical exercise. Create a plan to appreciate all that has transpired and all that lies ahead, and incorporate this into your daily life.

And This Relates To Investing How?

Wondering how all these tie into finance or real estate? A clear, gratitude-fueled mindset acts as a magnet to propel you toward your aspirations. Personal development experts like Tony Robbins espouse the predominance of mindset in success, as mentioned, that success in any endeavor is 80%-90% mindset and 10-20% mechanics/skillset. People without the right mindset simply fail to take the necessary actions for success, letting fears, doubts, small goals and lack of vision stymie them.

So, no matter how outlandish it might feel initially, dive deep into mindset molding. Forge a regimen that convinces you of the tangibility of your ambitions. With clear goals, you’ll be better equipped to research, recognize prospects, seize opportunities, and cultivate valuable relationships.

Imagine if your financial aspiration is to invest a million in real estate. What if you stumble upon a strategy prompting you to allocate $50,000 consistently across various lucrative assets (hint hint). Suddenly, that big dream doesn’t seem so distant, does it?

Embark on a goal-setting journey and craft that vision board. If not, you’ll forever wonder about the magic you might have missed out on. As you wrap up this read, go ahead and schedule a wealth acceleration call and join the GrowAbility Equity Club to get a headstart on cultivating your mindset!

Thanks for being a part of our community. Until next time, keep growing your ability to accelerate your wealth and legacy building—we’re thrilled to be a part of this journey!