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Willie (far left) and Kevin (far right) pictured with half of the Property Management Team. Melissa is the on-site property manager (middle), flanked by her leasing manager and her community manager.

Royal Sienna Opportunity

We are thrilled to have partnered with our investor family to acquire the Royal Sienna, a well-appointed apartment community. It is located in Missouri City, TX, a thriving affluent submarket of the Houston Metro area. The property is an institutional-quality A-Class asset built in 2020 by a best-in-class developer who is recognized for supplying state-of-the-art product of the highest quality.

This asset is projected to deliver attractive returns across the four investment classes offered:

• 7% to 9% Cash-on-Cash
• 15.8% to 21.53% Average Annual Returns

We are projected to exit this asset in 6 years with refinancing after 3 years to return part of the equity.

If you missed this investment opportunity, stayed tuned as we are always looking for more! However, we will never rush into a property just to do a deal. It must be the right property in the right market that has a high probability to preserve capital and conservatively deliver the returns our investor friends find attractive. With that said..

If You Want to Invest, Have A Conversation With Us Or Else?

Did you know that the offering of private real estate investments must conform to SEC regulations? Well, some opportunities we offer will be under a regulation called Reg D 506B. This regulation provides a way for GrowAbility (and other companies) to raise capital from investors without registering with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

With this offering, we cannot cannot advertise to attract investors. We can only offer a 506B opportunity to those with whom we have a prior relationship! That means BEFORE you can invest in a GrowAbility opportunity, we must have a relationship established via prior conversation. This is why we reach out for an introductory conversation when you join our GrowAbility Equity Club. Now that you know why it’s important, give us a call if you don’t already have a relationship so you are positioned to invest in our next 506B offering (which could very well be the next opportunity)!

Recently Launched – The New Growability Equity Website

Hot off the presses! Check out our brand new Growability Equity website, chock full of resources created just for you – information about what real estate syndications are, how they compare to other types of investments, the process of investing in a syndication, and much more.

Why It’s Critical To Know Your Goals Before Investing In Real Estate Syndications

Take a moment to think about the process that you used to find the home you’re currently living in.

You likely had a checklist that included a specific area, school district, commute, and the number of bedrooms you were looking for. If you were looking for a three-bedroom with plenty of green space in mind for your growing family, it’s very unlikely you would have settled for a one-bedroom high-rise condo, even with a great view.

Well, it’s the same type of situation when you’re investing in real estate. Before you even begin to consider potential investment opportunities, it’s imperative you know WHY you’re investing and WHAT you’re looking to get out of it.

Without clear goals, you’ll easily be swayed (or paralyzed) by beautiful photos and well-marketed opportunities that don’t actually align with your investing goals.

Before Willie and I invest in real estate for our investors, we… Read More >

Want To Invest With Us?

Success is on the other side of your comfort zone, and we’re here to help you get there. Whether you’ve invested in real estate before or are completely new to it, we’re here to help you leverage real estate syndications to build wealth. Join the Growability Equity Club today to get started.


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