Northwest arkansas multifamily investment opportunity

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Question: Why does the sponsor team believe this is such a great opportunity?
We and our investors already in the deal love that this opportunity has so many rather unique tailwind factors that diversifies and strengthens their portfolios:
  • NW Arkansas is a fresh new booming market versus the typical Sunbelt market opportunity in TX, FL, or AZ
  • The HH income is higher than most Sunbelt markets, coming in at $180k in one-mile radius around the property
  • It’s a new property being brought from the developer.  As a result, we got the property at a $40k discount, plus we have a property where the business plan is easy to execute in that we don’t need to fix up the property to bring rents up to market, nor will we have deferred maintenance to address.
  • We have a very low interest HUD loan we are assuming at 3.49% with 38 years left.
  • The market’s explosive growth has been and will continue to be fueled by development dollars and strategic planning efforts driven by the 3 Fortune 500 Companies in the market – Walmart, Tyson Foods and JB Hunt – and their billionaire family founders – the Walton’s, the Tyson’s and the Hunt’s.
  • Institutional and private equity firms (those that put together publicly-traded REITS), are now active in the market, representing potential upside on investor returns when we exit the property as these firms tend to bid up the price on properties.
Question: Why are there multiple real investment firms involved in the raise? 
To lower the debt in the project, we established a high-end raise amount of $37million.  To spread the raise and risk, we have put together a General Partnership team of a few different real estate investment firms.
All of the firms have worked together successfully on past projects, have known each other for years, and operate synergistically as we were all trained years ago in the same mentorship/mastermind community.  This is a situation very similar to large new stock offerings (like Facebook/Meta over a decade ago) where multiple investment banks like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan/Chase, Merrill Lynch and others partner together to bring the offering to investors in the market.



Located in One of the Most Highly Rated Communities in the Country

  • Ranked #7 “Best Place to Live in United States” by U.S. News and World Reports, 2022. (seventh consecutive year NWA ranked in Top 10)
  • Ranked #6 “Fastest Growing City in America” by Virtual Capitalist, 2021.
  • Ranked #3 “Hottest U.S. Job Market” for MSAs under 1M by The Wall Street Journal, 2022.
  • Ranked #8 “Best Performing Large City” by the Milken Institute, 2022.
  • Ranked #1 “Top Mountain Bike Destination” in the US by Mountain Bike Action, 2022.
  • Arkansas is one of the most landlord friendly states in the nation – more friendlier than Texas.

Outstanding Job Market

  • NWA Employment Outperforms ALL Top Texas Metros: NWA 2.6% unemployment rate (vs. 2.9% for Austin, 3.2% for Dallas, 4.4% for Houston, 3.3% for San Antionio). BLS
  • NWA Home of #1 Fortune 500 Company, Walmart Corporation, Forbes 2022; also home of Tyson Foods and J.B. Hunt, both ranked in Forbes Fortune 500 Companies; all three headquarters located within 10 mile radius of property; over 300 businesses created annually.
  • Diversified Employment Base: top employers in Retail Trade and Logistics, Healthcare, Technology and Education (Univ. of Arkansas – Go Razorbacks!); NWA also becoming a regional tech hub.

High Growth Location with Affluent Surrounding Demographics

  • Robust Population Growth: 24% (2000-2020), 19% (2020-2027) – triple the National Average. CoStar.
  • Submarket w/ Very Affluent Demographics: $179,000 1-mile median household income, $414K median home values. CoStar.


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Quick Preview of the Opportunity


  • Projected Passive Investor Returns: 100%+ Total Return, 16%+ IRR, 7%+ avg yearly cash distributions
  • Q1 2023 Closing
  • Low Risk Loan Assumption: 40 year, 3.49% fixed rate loan with low step-down prepay, which gives flexibility to be opportunistic in our exit strategy, while also providing downside risk mitigation; avg. 2.00+ DSCR with principle and interest payments
  • 2021 vintage, 295 unit mid-rise wrap construction (yes, there is still much opportunity to increase value!), including 18 triple net retail units
  • Being purchased from the Developer, who is not an operator; Developer focused on lease up speed and did not keep rents in line with market rates – so there is an average of $250-300/unit upside in rent
  • Business Plan: increase rents to market; (proforma rents already being exceeded by inferior properties), burn off loss to lease; submarket already experiencing 13.5% YOY rent growth (which also exceeds our proforma rent increase); enhance amenities (e.g., valet trash, tech package, EV chargers); lease up remaining retail units
  • 5 Year hold; exit via sale or refinance
  • Cost Segregation will be performed to maximize tax savings via Bonus and Accelerated Depreciation
  • Property located in best submarket in the state; 96%+ occupancy
  • Purchasing property at upwards of a $40K/unit discount (since we are assuming existing low fixed-rate loan)

investment timelinE

Act Now

 This Private Offering is available ONLY to Sophisticated and/or Accredited Investors having a preexisting relationship with one of the Sponsors. We expect to be fully funded quickly and will accept investments on a first-come, first-serve basis.

$75K Minimum Investment

Minimum investment is $75,000 (cash/IRA/solo 401K accepted), but preference will be given to higher investment amounts.


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Rogers, AR


Click the button below to access the subscription documents and invest in this opportunity!


GrowAbility Equity is part of a strong sponsorship team that you can meet on the Webinar Recording if you did not review the Webinar live.

Kevin Anderson: Kevin brings over three decades of business and entrepreneurial experience. His successful real estate experience dates back to 2005 with rentals and flips, then transitioning to active and passive multifamily investing. Kevin has ownership in over 3700 units in 6 states, and is a General Partner in nearly 20% of those units. During the last 16 years, Kevin also ran a successful college financial planning business.

Prior to 2005, Kevin spent 20 years as a marketing leader/executive, managing teams and multi- million dollar P&Ls to drive success in categories from cereal to yogurt to OTC pharmaceuticals to banking services. Kevin earned an MBA in Marketing from the Wharton School of Business.

Willie Wahba: Willie is based in California. His real estate career began with fix & Flips, rental homes, then transitioned to investing in apartments. Willie is invested in 900+ units across Arizona, Florida, and Texas, over $60 Million in multifamily assets across three states. Willie is a General Partner in over 65% of his portfolio.

Willie’s business experience includes 20 years as an engineering leader managing multi-million dollar defense and commercial contracts in the aerospace industry.